Protect Your Boat From the Elements

Trust us for boat shrink wrapping in Litchfield, ME

As the boating season winds down, winterization and storage should be on every boater's mind. Boat shrink wrapping ensures your vessel will be sealed and clean when warmer weather comes back. It's also the best option for protection while transporting. Contact Outcast Marine and Storage for skilled boat shrink wrapping services in Litchfield, ME.
We can store your boat with us, or we can shrink wrap your boat and let you take it away.

  • Call for seasonal rates for per foot storage
  • $30 charge for lumber

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What are the advantages of shrink wrap?

What are the advantages of shrink wrap?

Boat shrink wrapping is an extremely effective covering that can protect your boat from numerous hazards. Shrink wrapping is better than other traditional boat coverings for a variety of reasons, including:


  • Resistance against strong winds
  • Tightest possible seal to keep ice and moisture out of your boat
  • Built-in UV inhibitors to preserve your exterior
  • Shrinkwrap aero dynamic design to withstand up to 50 mph on all roadways 




Gain complete peace of mind with some of the best protections in the industry. Contact us today to schedule your boat shrink wrapping service in Litchfield, ME.