Need Outdoor Boat Storage in Litchfield, ME?

Rely on Outcast Marine and Storage to keep your boat safe this season

Searching for safe and reliable boat storage any time of the year? Outcast Marine and Storage will ensure your boat is properly stored and protected in any weather. Keep your driveway and lawn open this year, and let us handle all of your outdoor boat storage needs in Litchfield, ME.

  • Call for seasonal rates for per foot storage
  • October 2021- April 2022
  • Storage during April-October is available, inquire for pricing

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor Storage

Store here or Haul Away!

At Outcast Marine you have options! You may store onsite for $5/ foot or you can Haul away with a 1x Lumber fee of $20.00. This fee will be credited to your Shrink wrap account if you return the lumber to us in the fall.

If you are storing with Outcast Marine & Storage, please remember to remove personal items from your vessel. Outcast Marine & Storage is not responsible for any items lost or stolen. We are not responsible for damages caused during storage, transport, or due to collapse.

Contact us today for boat storage in Litchfield, ME.