Outcast Marine and Storage is dedicated to giving back to the community!

Christmas in our community!

Christmas in our community!

Another successful community event! Look at all the gifts that local businesses and community members donated to children in our area this Christmas! We are so proud and blessed to be apart of it!

Our Paint Night was a Success! We raised $200.00 for the Litchfield Sportsman's Club Halloween event! Thank you Custom- Made Mementos and all the people who came out to support this local organization.

Come Visit Us at the 2020 Augusta Boat Show!

Dates: March 6th-March 8th
Location: Augusta Civic Center

We will be celebrating the start of the season with fun & games! Don't miss out on exclusive raffles and more.

2019 Maine BASS Youth Nation Tournament, Travel Fund Donation, Gardiner Maine

Date: September 30th 2019
Location: Gardiner Sportsman's Club

Its important for us to support local organizations that promote outdoor recreation especially in our youth!

If you have a local fundraising opportunity please don't hesitate to reach out to us and if we can contribute in some way we absolutely will!